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“With skilled hands and open hearts, we help needy families get back on track…”

Gabi Nachmani, Executive Director

“Tenufa Bakehila – Building Hope” is a non-profit organization that carries out urgent home repairs for thousands of poverty-stricken families throughout Israel – at no cost.
We are Israel’s ONLY home repair organization that takes a HOLISTIC FAMILY-ORIENTED APPROACH, kick-starting positive momentum and a brighter, more sustainable future.

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Offering a cost-effective way to give Israeli children a shot at a better life

Replacing desperation with hope & a feeling of support

Removing health and safety hazards

Making unlivable environments livable and inviting

To a soldier with love



Showering was a daily hazard…




“Tenufa Bakehila has helped my family make major changes… We are getting back on our feet, and we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to Tenufa for giving us a fresh start, setting us on the right path!”   

Single mother of 3, Jerusalem

 “Helping one family at a time, you have transformed this entire street… You have given dignity back to 70 families, getting them back on their feet and moving in the right direction… ”

Ira, Social Worker, Jerusalem