Who We Help – למי אנחנו מסייעים

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Our clients are referred to us by municipal social workers who rely on us to provide relief for the welfare families whose homes are in dire need of repair. Including: Single-parent families Elderly people and Holocaust survivors Physically or emotionally impaired individuals Poverty-stricken families Families of terror victims Soldiers from low-income families Immigrant

How We Help – איך אנחנו מסייעים

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Our national foreman visits the homes to determine the needs and to assess the extent of repair work needed. With skilled hands and warm hearts, our tradesmen then carry out the necessary repairs and restore fundamental safety and functionality to the home and empower the families in our care to face life with renewed

COVID-19 Emergency Fund – גיוס חירום קורונה

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At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, we at Tenufa opened an emergency hotline. We began calling home-bound families, lonely elderly people and Holocaust survivors whose homes we have previously repaired, in the thousands. Simultaneously, our hotline received hundreds of calls from helpless people, needing immediate assistance, including urgent repairs in their homes.  

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