COVID-19 First Responders

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, we at Tenufa opened an emergency hotline. We began calling home-bound families, lonely elderly people and Holocaust survivors whose homes we have previously repaired, in the thousands. Simultaneously, our hotline received hundreds of calls from helpless people, needing immediate assistance, including urgent repairs in their homes. 

In the last few months, we have been bringing relief in urgent and essential places to over 320 families. Currently, we are the first responders – providing immediate solutions for pressing needs in the home. Some recent examples include repairing burst pipes, fixing a hazardous electrical system, and opening acute plumbing blockages in the homes of elderly Holocaust survivors who had nowhere to turn right now for help.

  • Welfare family, with a broken front door.

  • Young family, house burnt down.

  • Holocausr survivor, no running hot water in the shower.

  • Elderly woman, ceiling on the verge of collapse.

  • Wheelchair-bound young adult, accessible toilet out of order.

Our working assumption is that as long as the crisis lasts, the vulnerable elderly and holocaust survivors will continue to be home-bound. Our projected emergency budget will cover the home repair costs of 350 families during the COVID-19 crisis.