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Help Us Help Them

The need is huge – and our reach is limited. Our ability to serve relies entirely upon the generosity of our visionary donors. We are proud of our success in stretching every dollar donated: with the average cost of repairing an apartment (materials and labor) just $1,700, funding for a cluster for a full year costs us under $200,000.

Help us give a hand-up to Israel’s most needy citizens – and watch the impact multiply!

Click here for our 5-Year CLUSTER PLAN for wiping out the majority of Israel’s worst housing cases!

Help Us Spread the Word

Can you help us get on more “radar screens”?

It is important for more people, organizations and funds to become aware of our work. We welcome the opportunity to speak at events, to meet with movers and shakers and to bring people to our work sites. All ideas and introductions are welcome!

Adopt a Project

Get “Up Close & Personal

From time to time, we are asked by Social Services to take on an especially extensive project that is beyond our normal budgetary constraints. Some of our donors adopt these projects as a personal responsibility, hosting events, parlor meetings or purposed crowdsourcing campaigns to raise the required funds.
If this interests you, please be in touch!