With a Broken Front Door the Family Felt Exposed and Fearful af Intruders During the Night

A few weeks after the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, the social welfare departments were in the throes of a justified strike. However, when it came to urgent cases they were still working, because every social worker, at heart, is a caring person who wants to help people in need!

This time, Tenufa Bakehila was asked to intervene on behalf of a family in the south of the country who had recently been through a traumatic experience. The single mother had been involved in a severe accident outside her home, and the Police officers had reason to suspect that the small children were inside the home, by themselves, potentially at-risk. Therefore they broke down the front door of the apartment and completely damaged it. 

The relatives who came to assist with the children were afraid to be in the home with the children and a broken front door that wouldn’t shut! 

Our dedicated team arrived at 10 pm with a new steel door and installed it. The family expressed gratitude for the quick, free-of-charge service, and for restoring them with a basic sense of physical security. 

We wish a quick and full recovery to the mother of the family.