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Repairing Homes, Rebuilding Lives

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The Need: Large & Growing

Thousands of people in Israel live in heartbreaking conditions in homes that not provide inadequate shelter from the elements, and that are unsafe, unhealthy and inaccessible. According to Israel’s Bureau of Statistics (2015), approximately one third of Israel’s families live in poverty. This includes:

  • 75,000 single-parent families

  • 230,000 families with elderly citizens

  • 50,000 families with Holocaust survivors

  • 13,000 families with visually/physically impaired members

  • 55,000 families of non-working new immigrants

  • 1,000 families of terror victims

  • 10,000 families of soldiers

Who We Serve: Israel’s Neediest Populations

The majority of our clients include:

  • Single parent families

  • Elderly citizens

  • Holocaust survivors

  • Physically handicapped or ill individuals

  • Poverty-stricken families

  • Families of terror victims

  • Soldiers from extremely poor families

Recognizing the need, we started our organization 25 years  ago as a simple home repair project.  Over time, we recognized that our home repairs were actually having a much larger effect than we had imagined: with a better physical situation, our clients began to feel a will to change and to improve their lives in the realm of employment, health and welfare. To support their efforts, we started bringing in our own social workers to work closely with the family over a more extended period of time, helping them get back on their feet. The services offered can include helping unemployed parents find work, finding tutors for children who have fallen behind at school, encouraging abused women and children to seek assistance, helping forsaken elderly become active in day centers, etc.

In this way, Tenufa Bakehila has become more than just a home repair organization: in effect, we have become a catalyst for repairing the family as a whole!

The renewal of the home is the first step in a process that restores dignity and interest in life and thus becomes a transformational experience.